RateShare is a Freight Rate Management system which provides accessibility to global rates and instant freight quoting. Our solution helps you optimize your workflows and make freight forwarding easier!



Instantly access live rates from Ocean as well as inland carriers, and create quotes to your customers.



Fine-tune your base rates centrally based on network balance, and gain a competitive edge.



Instantly access live rates from courier integrators, and create quotes for your customers.

Our customers

RateShare's software is currently being used by leading global shipping companies, and have been so for more than 8 years. Some of the industry high performers benefiting from RateShare's automated Freight Rate Management software, businesses service outsourcing and premium consulting in Freight Rate Management includes:


Blue Water Shipping have used RateShare as their primary global Rate Management tool since 2012.


Toll Group has been using RateShare as their primary rate management tool in Scandinavia since 2011.

DSV have used RateShare as local Rate Management tool in Scandinavia since 2009.


Leman uses RateShare as primary global Rate Management solution, and have done so since 2016.


How it works



Why us?



Rateshare's Rate API allows for connection with most of the systems you use today and will be using in the future, such as TMS, CRM, web-booking, marketplaces, etc. Our software updates rates across all systems and makes exporting data easy. Back office and administrative tasks become a breeze.


With the intuitive and simple web interface, regular cases are handled with incredible ease and speed. Only the most relevant information is presented to the user, allowing you to utilize your time more efficiently. Expert users can unfold the endless possibilities while regular users will work faster than ever before.



Our software delivers overview, speed and execution power. With RateShare you have the possibility to make central decisions in a customer-centric reality, where quotes are adapted to the specific situation of each customer. You will have control over your rates and the ability to ensure that rates are consistent across the organisation.


Our solutions can be configured to fit your workflows, as well as future visions of how you want to work with rates. This while you still benefit from our powerful calculation core and keep control over your rates, while continuously maintaining the flexibility to adapt to new business needs.